Playback Singer Hrishikesh Chury Plants 200 Plus Saplings Amid Lockdown

Due to the ongoing pandemic and global lockdown, we can say that we all are confined to stay indoors since many days. Most of us are working from home and spending time on social media and television. But alongwith this, some of us are doing their bit for the nature and environment too. One such person is singer Hrishikesh Chury who has been busy with his love for nature. From day one of the lockdown till today he has been planting more than 200 saplings and trees in his personal garden.

Hrishikesh says, “While living in a concrete jungle like Mumbai, I feel blessed to have a garden in the heart of the city. This is our family home which is surrounded by various trees of mango, banana, papaya, coconut and few flowers. I get this love for nature through my parents who have planted various trees in their lifetime. From the first day of the lockdown, I had the opportunity to plant few saplings and with each day we kept on increasing. We also added around 150 vertical gardening pots. My motto and messageis simple, that Earth Day should be celebrated Every Day.”


International NGO Earth Day Network has recently announced Hrishikesh Chury as their India Ambassador along with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Affron, Anil Kapoor and Anand Mahindra to name a few.

Also he has been a Grand Jury for many seasons on the popular musical shows like Saregamapa and Saregamapa Lil Champs.

Mrs India I am Powerful Maharashtra 2018 in Phoenix Market City A Great show

फ़ीनिक्स मार्केट सिटी में “मिसेज़ इंडिया आई एम पॉवरफुल महाराष्ट्र” का शानदार आयोजन

इस मुक़ाबले की विजेता रहीं जुली वागले, फर्स्ट रनरअप शिल्पा बसे, सेकंड रनरअप श्रद्धा भोले, थर्ड रनरअप स्नेहा वीजल और चौथी रनरअप रही गीता उप्पल । देश मे ब्यूटी कॉन्टेस्ट के बढ़ते चलन को देखते हुए आज कल कई प्रकार की प्रतियोगिता हो रही है। लेकिन मुम्बई के कुर्ला में स्थित फ़ीनिक्स मार्केट सिटी में  पिछले दिनों जब “मिसेज़ इंडिया आई एम पॉवरफुल महाराष्ट्र 2018″ का आयोजन किया गया तो यह अपने आप मे एक अनूठा कांटेस्ट था  ।

तृप्ति परमार औटी और एस्टर फाइन आर्टि एजुकेशन के द्वारा प्रस्तुत इस मिसेज़ इंडिया आई एम पॉवरफुल महाराष्ट्र 2018” में शादीशुदा महिलाओं ने भाग लिया। स्टेट डायरेक्टर तृप्ति परमार औटी ने बताया कि उन्होंने पहली बार इस तरह का बियूटी कंटेस्ट रखा जिसका बड़ा अच्छा रिस्पॉन्स मिला। महाराष्ट्र के दूर दूर इलाको जैसे पुणे, नाशिक और जलगांव से आकर कंटेस्टेंट ने इसमे भाग लिया। अलीसिया राउत ने उन्हें ग्रूम किया, उन्हें ट्रेनिंग दी। उन्हें कई दिनों तक सवाल जवाब राउंड की भी प्रैक्टिस करवाई गई।



मिसेज़ इंडिया आई एम पॉवरफुल महाराष्ट्र 2018″ की विजेता रहीं जुली वागले, फर्स्ट रनरअप शिल्पा बसे, सेकंड रनरअप श्रद्धा भोले, थर्ड रनरअप स्नेहा  वीजल और चौथी रनरअप रही गीता उप्पल।

“मिसेज़ इंडिया आई एम पॉवरफुल महाराष्ट्र 2018” के जजों में अर्चिता जसानी, जॉय बनर्जी, ग्वेन अथाइडे, करिश्मा मोदी और पायल सिंह शामिल थीं । तृप्ति परमार औटी के साथ जसप्रीत कौर ने इस मिसेज़ इंडिया मुक़ाबले का आयोजन किया है। बकौल जसप्रीत कौर “महाराष्ट्र की विजेता नेशनल लेवल के बियूटी कंटेस्ट में भाग लेंगी जो गोवा में मई में होगा। इस फाइनल मुकाबले में 40 शादीशुदा औरतें विजेता बनने की दौड़ में शामिल होंगी।

Actor Director Mahesh Manjrekar unveiled the Music of Marathi Film “3:56 Killari”

Well known actor director Mahesh Manjrekar released music of Marathi film “3:56 Killari” on auspicious day of Asadhi Ekadashi 27th July 2015, at Levo Banquet, Mumbai. Wherein entire production team and cast were present except Jackie Shroff and Saee Tamhankar owing to their prior commitments. The film is Produced by Girish Sathe, Directed by Deepak Bhagwat and Vijay Mishra having Jackey Shroff, Saee Tamhankar, child actress Gauri Ingawale, Anurag Sharma, Pankaj Vishnu, Shrikant Moghe, Rama Joshi & others in important roles.“3:56 Killari” is made under the banner of DG’s Entertainment.

m_356 Killar Marathi (5)

m_356 Killar Marathi (2)

Film’s subject is based on result of tremendous earthquake happened in village Killari of Latur district, where many innocent people were killed, many stories were behind each of them. This film picks a story of a girl who was dead in this earthquake and has born again in nearby village, she remembers herself by her old name, and she goes to find out about herself, where she is helped by Saee Tamhankar and Jackie Shroff, entire story cannot be revealed, it should be watched on Big screen. Performances of Jackey Shroff, Sai Tamhankar, Gauri, Anurag, Pankaj and all other actors are mind blowing.

m_356 Killar Marathi (3)

m_356 Killar Marathi (4)

Film is Writen by Deeepak Bhagwat, Director of photography – Vijay Mishra, Editor – Jayant Jathar, Music Directors and Background music  -Chinar Mahesh, Sound Designer – Rohit Pradhan, Lyrics – Chandrashekhar Sanekar, Executive producers – Pranav Kenekar, Yogesh Joshi, Art Director – Prashant Rane, Choreography – Samadhan Sagar, Casting and costume – Chaitrali Dongre, Singers – Neha Rajpal, Hariharan, Rishikesh Kamerkar & Mahalaxmi Ayyar.

Music on Zee Music Company,  Distribution & Marketing By Rich Juniors Entertainment, and Media Partner 361 Degree Entertainment & Media Pvt Ltd.

Gandhi Vichar Manch completes renovations of Shri. Nutan Vidya Mandir High School, Malad(East)

Mumbai.Shri.Nutan Vidya Mandir High School located at Malad (East), Kurar village has completed 23 years after construction and is government recognised. Shri .Saraswati Sikshan Prasarak Sanstha runs the school. Founded by late Raju Karan Singh, the school teaches poor kids from the village and nearby places.  The classes are run till 10th standard and nearly 1800 children learn in Hindi and Marathi medium.

Nutan Vidya mandir School (2)

Malad (West) based Gandhi Vichar Manch has redeveloped the school building and has built additional 3 new classrooms. In addition, a playground, stage and new toilets have been built. Four fans per room have been installed.The ground is rented out for occasions and it earns a fee for the school.

Nutan Vidya mandir School

“This will better the conditions of the 1800 children studying in the school. India suffers poverty and poor should be uplifted.

Nutan Vidya mandir School (1)


These children will grow up to make a strong India,” says Manmohan Gupta who is the Chairman of the Gandhi Vichar Manch.

Mafia Bigg Boss Films Promo A Film By Dilip Gulati Studio DG9 Production Presentation

Mafia Bigg Boss Films Promo A Film By Dilip Gulati Studio DG9 Production Presentation Produced & Directed by Dilip Gulati Music By Bhappi Laheri

A Action Packed Thriller  Film on Underworld Story Of Mumbai .

m_Mafia Bigg Boss

m_mafia bigg boss1

The Film Will be Released In Hindi Tamil & Telugu Very Soon.

Salim Khan’s Film CALENDAR SHOOT

Musical launching of Salim Khan’s Film “CALENDAR SHOOT”

Calender Shoot (1)

 After Madhur Bhandarkar’s “CALENDAR GIRL”, Golden Gate Films and Producer turned Director Salim Khan’s film “CALENDAR SHOOT” was launched with great funfare with a song recording by Singer Javed Ali, lyrics by Pradeep Kumar Lootare and Music by Shyam Purbiya, film is being produced by Irfan Khan and directed by Salim Khan. Launching was performed at Trinity Studio, Andheri west on 8th April 2015.

Calender Shoot (8)

Calender Shoot (5)

Film’s muhurat was blessed by veteran singer Anoop Jalota and well-known writer director Anees Bazmi, other distinguished guest present on occasion were actor Harish, Mukesh Rishi, Anil Nagrath, Kumar Mohan, director Rakesh Kumar, comedian Narendra Bedi, Mehmood Ali, Shabbir Bhai of Fortune Media, music director Natraj, director Jiten Purohit, Ramesh Goyel and lots of media person.

Calender Shoot (3)

Calender Shoot (2)

Film is introducing famous singer Arvinder Singh (Pani Sharab fame) in lead role along with 12 top models like Monica Nato, Nikhat Ansari, Kaifeena Khan, Kristina Bamang, Bidisha Basu, Chandni Chaudhary and others. Film is a crime thriller based on backdrop of a photographer and his twelve models. “CALENDAR SHOOT” will role from first week of May, will be shot in exotic locations of Mumbai and Goa.

Sudarshan Tiwari-Mimicry Artist

Sudarshan Tiwari(mimicry artist, standup comdian ,dubbing artist) from Mumbai

can mimic more than 30 actor voice, animal voice,birds voice.

m_Sudarshan Tiwar Mimicry (2)

recently he  worked two animated video  dubbed on famous youtube channel and he is  fresher dubbing artist,

but mimcry n standup comedy had been done may programes.

 m_Sudarshan Tiwar Mimicry

His new dubbing audio(mimicry of shahrukh khan ,kejriwal,modi,lalu ,a.k.hengel as manmohan singh ,paresha rawal as baburao) launched with awesome animation ….so plz watch n share with yr frnd ….I hope achha lage.

Watch “Kahan Gaya Rahul Gandhi?” on YouTube – Kahan Gaya Rahul Gandhi?:

Now pay for hoarding advertising in EMI

There is a glut in retail and other market segments, real estate etc.  Establishments are finding it difficult to advertise due to lack of cash flow. To cater to the sectors, Global Advertisers, the leader in outdoor innovation in India, has announced that their prime location hoardings are now available on EMI. This has resulted in increase in hoarding bookings of Global Advertisers.]

Sanjeev Gupta, MD , Global Advertisers 1 Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers at Mumbai

Leading financial institutions have agreed to provide the finance and have extended the offer to all our billboards across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region for clients with budgets ranging from a few thousands to those in crores,” said Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers.

In addition to EMI’s, Global Advertising has also lined up attractive affordable packages for its clients.